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Hello and welcome to the site for the International Council for Webcomics in Academia. Our goal is to foster academic research on all aspects about webcomics. All our members have done research on webcomics before and we want to help a new generation of academics complete their own work in this growing field. ICWAA  indexes all previous research done on and about webcomics. We provide accessibility to materials through links where papers, articles, presentations, dissertations, and other forms of research. We serve as a network for researchers to come together and discuss ideas about their work. The different academic and cultural backgrounds of our members can help research proliferate. Also, ICWAA informs you about webcomic friendly conferences where you can attend and hopefully present your work.

As the site is still under development, some of the above information is still being worked on. While you may be wondering who we are and we do, please let me inform of you what we are not.

  • A forum for your favorite webcomic: We love webcomics as much as the next person but we are not here to discuss observations and opinions about webcomics. There’s a good chance the webcomic you are interested in already has a forum where other readers come together to share ideas so you are better off there. May I recommend that you help out in the development of wikis for such webcomics, tvtropes.org for example works with a lot of narrative strategies I have even quoted for my research.
  • A guide for becoming a webcomic cartoonist: ICWAA specializes in the analysis of webcomics, not in their production. There are plenty of websites that deal with advice for webcomic cartoonists and how they can improve their business/craft. May I suggest webcomics.com, there’s a subscription fee but you get some helpful info from some of the best in the business. If you are a webcomic cartoonist and would like your work be analyzed contact us and we’ll see what we can do.
  • A printing press: ICWAA does not have a journal (at least not yet) so anything found here does not immediately qualify as “published” material.

All material posted here belongs to their respective authors. While we encourage people to use this information for their research, we ask that you please cite all sources properly. Stealing from ICWAA puts in jeopardy the advancement of academic studies on webcomics, so do not ruin it for everyone.

Gabriel E. Romaguera, President and founder of ICWAA

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Digitale serier, sosiale rammer (Norwegian)

Hi guys, I’m just testing stuff here. /Olaf

Information about paper

Link to uploaded PDF file

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